Software Products:

PASS Storeroom – Is a warehouse stock control system that uses PDAs and barcodes to record stock coming in and going out of the warehouse. It is very simple to use and will show the warehouse manager is stock levels of all products with warning flags where a particular item is running low. This means that you have plenty of time to reorder before running out of stock. Included in the package is a land and return system so that where you are issuing products to customers on a sale or return basis the outstanding items that are with the customers are shown in reports so that you know your true stockholding. Invoices can be printed for all dispatches to customers as well as packing notes. There is also a stock history system showing you which stock is old and needs to be either discounted or sold quickly. Pass storeroom includes PASS Stockcheck to enable you to do fast stock counting and check that what you should have, as shown on the PC system, is same the physical amount that you have in stock. There will always be differences you to loss and damage and these differences are shown in special reports so that you can replenish and replace the stock to their correct levels. All the reports can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis for incorporation into other software.

PASS Stockcheck – Is a stock counting system that uses PDAs and barcodes to quickly count what you have in stock. You can have partial stock accounts, where you need only count some of the items or full counts. The data that you collect on the PDA, scanning the barcodes on the shelves and products, Is then transferred to the PC and reports can then be run showing the value of the stock and the amount. This can then be exported to a variety of files for incorporating in your accounts packages. The advantage of counting with the PDA is that it is fast. The advantage of using barcodes is that they are very accurate compared with typing in product codes manually.

Why Choose Us?

PDAs and data entry

You can use a wide range of PDAs or any brand of phone to collect data when away from the PC. A PDA with integral scanner is the most convenient way of doing this if your budget permits but we also have low cost barcode scanners that connect to your mobile phone with bluetooth.


Our software and hardware uses barcodes to achieve two goals – Fast data entry and Accurate data entry. Barcodes improve this dramatically and you will find a big change in the amount of time you spend correcting errors or finding that stock has run out unexpectedly.

Resellers and Support

Our resellers are expert in selecting hardware appropriate to your situation and can maintain and repair PDAs and printers in the event of accident. Our software support and product training is online and we can do remote online maintenance and upgrades on the programs to keep you updated.