About Us

PASS barcode systems are affordable integrated packages of hardware and software. They are all based on tracking what has come in and out in various situations and include:

Stock Control in the warehouse
Stock taking and checking
Asset Tracking – Company Assets, IT hardware and software
Issue and Loan – of equipment, tools samples etc
Event tracking in remote situations where the internet connection is either only public or unavailable
Field service tracking for off site installations
Mail tracking of the distribution of internal and external mail

We have been building barcode systems for our resellers customers since 1986 and have long experience of tailoring and implementing low cost solutions to meet our customers needs.

Our objectives:

1, To provide our customers with configurable off the shelf barcode systems through our resellers. We offer online demonstration, installation and training to ensure smooth implementation and confident well trained users.

2. To provide our registered solution providers and consultants with off the shelf solutions built round the hardware of their choice including training and support to enable them to free themselves from any ongoing software maintenance and support.

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