Barcodes Scanners


A PDA has a keyboard and an integrated barcode scanner. There are many varieties ranging in price from a few hundred pounds to £2000 depending on what functionality you need. An average price to do the job is around £700. In the picture you can see here the scan button is the yellow one on the left. Simply point it at the barcode and the result comes up on screen. For example when you are counting stock you would scan the barocde on one of the products or scan its barocde from one or our A4 sheets of barcodes then scan the barcode on the location (or scan it from our A4 sheet) then simply count and enter the quantity. Using a PDA like this means that the only thing you can get wrong is you counting. No transcription errors from paper to spreadsheet on mis-typing the product code.

Wireless or batch mode?

The PDAs can either operate in wireless mode or batch. To operate wirelessly you have to be sure of your wireless infrastructure in the warehouse and that there are no dead areas. In batch mode you upload the data periodically through a cradle or usb cable and then monitor it on the PC to enable you to check for  errors. With a wireless connection the data goes straight into the database so any errors are not caught immediately. For this reason many operators prefer the safer
batch mode.

Mini Scanners for finger

mini scanners for finger

These are a less expensive way of buying hardware to collect the data. They have bluetooth built in and you pair them with you mobile phone. The program is identical to the one on the PDA – Scan Product, Scan Location, Enter quantity. Apart from the benefit of a lower cost there are no real disadvantages other than the possible inconvenience of having something on your finger. The scanners are just as good and read the barcodes instantaneously.




Mini Scanners for Your Phone

scanbuddyThe  Scanbuddy is similar in the way it works to the finger scanner. The difference is that it attaches to the phone and converts your phone to a PDA. The bluetooth connection is paired in the same way. The end result of the clip on Scanbuddy is very neat but if the phone is personal then you may find a separate unit like the Finger scanner or a PDA more convenient so that you don’t need to unclip it when you are not using it. That being said there is no real reason other that size  and odd look to unclip it when not in use.




Which to choose? need some help?

It all depend on your situation and your budget. Our resellers will advise you on this and examine your processes to determine the best solution for you




2. M100BT

mini barcode scanner