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PASS STOCKCHECK – Stock taking system

This is a very good way of doing fast accurate stock counting saving countless hours and recounts with a traditional manual system. If you are using a system like this on below you will be spending hours doing recounts and searching for missing items.


What we offer is a fast and accurate electronic counting system using the latest technology. We have also added hardware options to minimise the cost to you.

PASS Stockcheck uses a PDA with integral scanner or a phone + linked scanner hand scanner to go round the locations and scan the product code and enter the quantity counted. On return to the PC the data is uploaded to the integral PC program and a comparison made between what should be in stock and what has been counted.

There are several variance reports showing what has not yet been counted, what has been counted but is not in the product list and the difference between what has been counted but is different to the amount there is supposed to be. All this enables quick recounts of specific items and then a reconciliation program updates the stock items to their correct quantities.barcodes printer

The labelling program enables barcodes for the locations and items to be produced on either A4 sheets in a list or as individual barcode labels on a thermal printer.

Get away from this kind of system!

and replace it with these
pdamini scanner

Stockcheck features

  1. It eliminates transcription errors from handwritten figures to spreadsheet.
  2. It eliminates errors where the wrong product code is entered.
  3. It enables instant recounts of any item where the database shows there should be more or less that the item counted.
  4. It enables several people to count different areas of the warehouse simultaneously.There is no charge for copies of the program to run on multiple phones or pdas.
  5. It lets you set up barcode labels of items or locations with the aid of a barcode label printer
  6. It can be used with either PDA or mobile phone . Using a phone instead of a PDA phone provides a low cost option with an almost immmediate recovery of capital outlay in man hours saved
  7. It can be used with just a laptop and low cost connected scanner
  8. It enables you to update the stock figures to the latest count or recount
  9. It provides an instant valuation for your accounts system based on cost of stock
  10. It enables you to export data to spreadsheets and other programs
  11. It is fast to learn and easy to install. Training is provided
  12. It lets you import existing spreadsheet figures into the program for easy comparison
  13. It is low cost, efficient and saves huge amounts of time.

So what are the components of the system?
You need:

  1. a copy of our Windows software to run either a laptop or desktop PC to produce the reports
  2. a copy of our data collection program to run on your PDAs, tablets or phones.
  3. a PDA with integral scanner or a phone or laptop or tablet and an external scanner
  4. about 30 mins training on line

Operating Systems:


PDA: Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows

(Note: We also offer free software which can be installed on your phone to scan barcodes with a low cost barcode attachment. No need for an expensive PDA any more! Click here for more Info.)

How to Download?

Please contact us to get the username and password for the download link; You can have 60 days free trial!


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