PASS Storeroom

pass storeroom

PASS Storeroom Is a warehouse stock control system that uses PDAs and barcodes to record stock coming in and going out of the warehouse. It is very simple to use and will show the warehouse manager the stock levels of all products with warning flags where a particular item is running low. This means that you have plenty of time to reorder before running out of stock. 



  1. Can use either PC keyboard or PDA or phone to record stock movements
  2. Barcode reading and printing integrated in the software


  1. Barcode stock check programs make the stock taking very fast and accurate
  2. Count items in stock and adjust levels
  3. Barcoded lists of products and locations can be used to enable fast stock checks
  4. Settable stock levels
  5. Minimum and maximum stock levels give visual on screen warnings and generate reports
  6. Stock checks can be partial of full. This enables a section of the stock or category of stock to be counted at separate times on a regular basis
  7. Variance reports quickly identify discrepancies in the stock


  1. Receiving items from supplier: Scan the supplier barcode and link to your own stock code
  2. Shortages and damages are recorded as goods arrive. Reports can then be run showing them all.
  3. Despatching items to customer: Scan a single barcode on the packing list.
  4. Packing lists or invoices can be automatically generated for dispatched goods
  5. Lend and return items and track who has them
  6. Move items around the warehouse
  7. A barcode verification program will match barcodes on products and out packing and pallets to ensure the right barcode goes on the right packing
  8. Signature capture is available on issued and returned goods


  1. Fast search for a products location or volume in multiple location
  2. You can have multiple locations of a product or many products in one location


  1. Unlimited multiple databases for different product types or different warehouses
  2. Different currencies are settable for each databaseUSERS and RIGHTS
  3. Many users can use the same PC without extra charge
  4. Each user can be assigned specific rights to use part or all functions of the software


  1. Wide range of hardware choices to suit any budget
  2. Free PDA programs
  3. Phones can be used to record data using the same software – android, ios ,blackberry windows
  4. PDA programs can be installed or reinstalled by non technical staff.


  1. Single or multiple barcode label printing directly from the product codes
  2. Any barcode label printer that can be used with Windows can be used
  3. The label formatting program is included


  1. Batch Traceability. This enables products that are faulty to be identified and other items from the same batch can then be recalled
  2. The software is suitable for Serial number products like TVs or Batch products like foodstuff, or general commodity like bags of nails
  3. Transaction histories enable you to trace where stock is being lost or misplaced
  4. The transaction histories can be run by PDA user or by product or categories or serial number
  5. Goods in by date reports shows the frequency and volume of goods coming into the warehouse by individual product
  6. Goods sold reports by customer show how much each customer has had over a given time period.


  1. Multiple suppliers per products with alternative prices.
  2. price history recorded by supplier enabling you to see when prices were changed


  1. Many screenshots and lists of instructions enable each function to be quickly mastered
  2. An interactive help pop up window for each screen can be switched on or off making the program very easy to learn and use. This is especially useful for new staff.

Operating Systems:


PDA: Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows

(Note: We also offer free software which can be installed on your phone to scan barcodes with a low cost barcode attachment. No need for an expensive PDA any more!)

How to Download?

Please contact us to get the username and password for the download link; You can have 60 days free trial!


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