barcodes printerThere are many barcode label printers on the market and our resellers will advise you on this.
The choice of label printer will be governed by

  1. the volume of products coming through the warehouse
  2. whether your incoming products have supplier barcodes already on them
  3. whether you want to add you own product barcode to the outer case or pallet
  4. whether you need to print location labels
  5. where it is  going to be located – do you need a small desktop or something more powerful.
  6. Whether there is a PC nearby or whether it needs to be wireless
  7. Whether it needs to be on a network for others to use as well
  8. What size labels and how much information you would like on them
  9. Whether its a cold, moderate or hot environment

Many things to consider but our resellers will take care of all this for you by discussing the environment you are working in and the type pf printer and labels that you will need. At the bottom end of the scalle a little Dyom office printer will do the job for under £100. At the other end of the scale are the large industrial label printers costing over £1000.