Technical FAQs

1. What is the difference between ‘Issue to’ and ‘Lend’?

When you use Issue the items are removed from stock on the database. This function is for sending out stock to customers. The lend function is to enable you to retain the stock on the database but give it to either the customer temporarily or an employee. For example samples for salesmen.

2. What is the difference between ‘lend’ and ‘move’?

The lend function transfers the stock to a named borrower whereas the move function moves stock from its current location to a new location in the warehouse. There is no need for the location to be entered when you use lend because the location is the location of the borrower.

3. How do I adjust a stock item?

First run the Stock by Product report , then go to View/Contents , select the location and adjust the stock quantity.

4. Can the database be shared by more than one user on separate pcs?

Yes the central database can be accessed simultaneously from several PCs.

5. How many PCs and PDAs can I have per software licence?

The licence is per PC. The PDA or phone app licences are free. Each PDA can upload its data to the central database through any licensed PC on the network

6. Do you provide installation and support?

Yes we install remotely for you both the PC software and the programs on the PDAs. We also connect the PCs to a central database which can be anywhere on your network and independent of the licenced PCs.

7. Can additional reports be added to the system if the standard ones do notĀ fulfillĀ our needs?

Yes. We can add those for you.

8. If our product does not have a barcode on it, what can we do?

You can print a barcode from within the software using your stock code for the product and a low cost thermal label printer

9. Does the system allow invoices and credit notes?

Yes these can be printed on despatch of the goods. However the software is not an accounting system and does not keep records of customer accounts.

10. Can I have multiple suppliers and different cost prices for a single product on the system?

Yes this is set up in the product form. Each supplier has its own cost price and when these change a history is kept so that you can see the price history.

11. How can I see when my stock is running low?

Run the Stock reorder report. This shows all products that have fallen to your minimum order levels set up for them.

12. Does the software support other languages?

At the moment it only supports English, simplified Chinese, and Dutch. Other languages can be added on request.

13. Can we import existing products, customers and suppliers from our spreadsheet?


14. Does the software register the sell by date of a product? And can I see which products are past their sellby date?

Yes. The sell by date is set as a standard number of days for each product. When the goods are received the date is recorded for the batch and the number of sell by days added automatically. You can then run a report to show products that need discarding or discounting.