Why Choose PASS Storeroom?

Barcodes hugely improve the efficiency of a warehouse because they not only provide speed of data entry but they ensure accuracy. Anything that is written down by hand in a warehouse environment particularly is subject to 2 types of error: firstly the accuracy of the person writing them in copying or entering the data and then when the handwritten document is brought to the PC the data entry relies on the correct interpretation of someone else’s handwritten entry as well as potential errors in copying it into a PC program like a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are excellent for what they do but they are cumbersome to use in stock control situations and are subject to errors. Dedicated PC software taking data automatically from a portable data terminal is far easier to use, understand and extract information from. PASS Storeroom, is an example of such a software and hardware system that tracks and records the movement of goods to a warehouse using barcode technology.

One of the main concerns of any Stores manager is to keep sufficient stock in hand to ensure that there are no delays in shipping orders to customers. This means that he needs to maintain and manage the minimum stock levels of every product and needs to find a method of quickly identifying stock that is running low so that the goods can be reordered from the supplier. PASS Storeroom provides this visibility of the stock and through screen displays and comprehensive reports gives the stock controller a complete picture of what he needs to order on a daily basis.

Another problem that often arises is tracing stock back to suppliers in cases where there is a generic problem with a batch and product needs to be recalled or customers need to be advised. There is a facility within Pass Storeroom to trace a batch back to it supplier and also trace all customers that have had stock items from that batch. This means that emails can then be sent out to all customers that have had the items and return and refund process initiated all within the program with the corresponding claim on the supplier of the faulty batch.

Lastly whilst their stores managers will know where everything is, they often have difficulty in identifying which stock’s oldest where it is kept in more than one place. A good stock control system presents them with this information enabling them to pick the oldest stock first or ensure that stock that is too old does not get shipped customers that is scrapped or put on sale at a reduced price.

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